Agastache – Late Summer’s Dusty Colors = You Can Grow That!
Scented leaves, gorgeous late-summer flowers and durable plants beloved by butterflies, bees and hummingbirds, make Agastaches a garden favorite.

Chili Peppers – you can grow that!
Love that evocative smell of roasted chilis in the fall? Why not grow some at home?

Front Porch Privacy? You Can Grow That!
Sitting on your front porch, sipping a beverage and sheltered from sun, rain, and passing traffic: heaven.

Grow a Fig Tree From a Cutting
Want a fig tree? It’s easy to grow one from a cutting.

How to Grow Gherkins
A 38 Year Old Memory? You Can Grow That!

How to kill or live with dandelions – you choice!
You can grow that, but do you want to?

Late-blooming Perennials: You Can Grow That!
Late bloomers steal the spotlight in Midwestern gardens.

Prepping and Planting The Fall Garden
Fall may be just around the corner, but now’s the time to plan and plant cool weather crops so that you can eat well during chilly days. You Can Grow a Fall Garden!

Video Wednesday: Crape Myrtles, You Can Grow That!
Crape Myrtles are a beautiful, multi-stemmed, flowering shrub that has many landscape uses. For those in the Mid-Atlantic and Southern regions of the United States, it is reliably hardy and easily available at your local independent garden center.

Who Made the Cut? “You Can Grow That”
Every year about this time I assess the success or failure of some of my annual plantings.

YCGT—a late summer bouquet
Plant your garden with fall bouquets in mind.

From all walks of life, people gather to see just what can be grown…

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