5 Great Reasons to Grow a Pixie Grape
All you need is a small container and a sunny window to have fresh grapes all year ’round!

Book Publicity? You Can Grow That!
I steal a method of planting and germination from mother nature…

Coleus: Tropical Beauty Decorates Your Indoors
Coleus and I go way back…

Lilacs: You Can Grow That!
Lilac (Syringa) is a large shrub whose flowers emit one of the most beautiful scents found in nature. On a sunny, breezey day like today, I can smell my lilacs in the side yard all the way down my block…

You Can Grow That – Desert Zinnia
Want a cute, low growing perennial plant that flowers for months on end and attracts butterflies to the garden?  Furthermore this plant is a native plant that survives well in an arid environment.

You Can Grow That: Dill!
Dill is easy to grow from seed; I just throw a few seed in a large plastic container on my deck in late March.

Desert zinnia shot from Gardening With Soule blog

Desert zinnia shot from Gardening With Soule blog

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