Red Beans and Beyond! Read what garden bloggers are growing...and what YOU can grow too.

Red Beans and Beyond! Read what garden bloggers are growing…and what YOU can grow too.

A Red Bean That Stays Red? You Can Grow That!
Most purple or red beans turn green when cooked, but not the red noodle bean!

Beauty Berry…and WOW…You Can Grow That!
For something different in the Fall….try Beautyberry…….YOU CAN GROW THAT!!!

Dwarf Iris: You Can Grow That!
Grow dwarf irises for early spring color! These irises are only 4-5 inches tall and bloom solitary flowers in early March in my zone 7 Virginia garden.

For More Color, Plant a Diverse Landscape
A yard filled with flower and foliage color? You can grow that with a mix of all types of plants.

Harvesting my Prickly Pear… You Can Grow That!
This week, I harvested the fruit from my prickly pear (with the help of some salad tongs!), following the instructions on this page (which has a nice recipe).

Horseradish has attitude. It’s hard to kill, it wants to take over your garden, and it adds drama to your cooking. You can grow that!

How to Grow Aronia for Both Health and Landscape Appeal
If you are looking for a win-win in an edible landscape, check out Aronia. It’s got it going on.

How to Grow Butternut Squash – You Can Grow That!
Butternut squash is easy to grow and store for that fresh from your garden taste in the winter.

Not an African Violet
These aren’t African violets but petrocosmea. You can grow them!

Plant a Splash of Color Today
YCGT on the 4th of each month is a blog for gardeners who want to share and inspire.

You Can Grow That

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