This Month Bloggers are Sharing the Many Possibilities That Might Be Grown…and Given Away

A Bouquet To Make Someone’s Day – You Can Grow That!
Snip here. Snip there and voila! A bouquet to give away.

A Cutting Garden – You Can Grow That!
“When you grow a cutting garden, you’ll have plenty to gather for yourself and to share.”

A Little Heart’s Ease? You Can Grow That!
There’s more growing in my heart than in my garden this morning. A little Balm of Gilead? You can grow that!

Color in November: You Can Grow That!
Don’t shut the door on autumn. Extend the colorful season by including these plants. You Can Grow That!

Extending the Season
I have been ‘gently coaxing’ (“forcing them” seems so brutal! ) indoors to extend the season.

Extra Goodies To Share – You Can Grow That!
Mary Palmer writes how in the garden what goes around comes around.

How to Create a Shadow or Silhouette Garden
Cheer up dull walls with an artistic shadow garden!

Growing Autumn Bouquets
Once upon a time, when I nervously signed the mortgage for my first house, I didn’t rush to Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel.  Instead, I spent every bit of disposable income supporting local nurseries.

Random Smiles – You Can Grow That!
Think of give away bouquets as the antidote to impatience and road rage…and you can grow that!

Saffron – you can grow that. No, Really!
Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, but you can grow that.

Thankfulness and Giving – You Can Grow That!
Gardening Jones has learned that giving of yourself is the greatest gift of all, and gardeners get to do that in abundance.

The Gift of Home Grown Flowers: You Can Grow That!
The Nuts and Bolts for this month are pretty simple.  Plant some floriferous annuals this Spring in a sunny spot.

When you grow flowers for cutting you can sprinkle bouquets – or single blooms – throughout your community.

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