May Is A Month That is Filled With Growing Possibilities…

A New Perspective and A New Tree
It is a wonderful thing when it is a win/win deal; and I get to work in an artful way.

Antennaria neglecta ~ You Can Grow That!
Here’s my post about field pussytoes (Antennaria neglecta) a little-known native perennial that can be used as a lawn alternative in sunny, dry locations and is a larval host plant for American Lady butterflies.

Coral Bells (Heuchera) You Can Grow That!
Have a bare spot in the shade that needs a pop of color year round? Heuchera! You can grow that!!!

Dahlias: You Can Grow That!
I may be wrong, but I honestly think the hardest part of growing dahlias is picking which stunning varieties you want to grow out of the hundreds available.

Don’s pick — tomatoes!
I was asked, “if you could plant just five tomatoes, which would they be?” What is this, purgatory?!?

Fragrant Viburnums – You Can Grow That!
A fragrant spring? You can grow that!

Fruit Trees in Small Gardens – You Can Grow That!
Whether your garden is small or large, simple pruning and staking will help you get more fruit in the space you have.

Gratitude: You Can Grow That!
As I walk around my early-May landscape it’s a lesson in gratitude.

Great Combos: You Can Grow That!
Great Plant Pairings for early summer.

Going Nuts at the Villas…Cobnuts, to be precise
We are going nuts at SowandSo…

Landscape Vegetables – You Can Grow That!
Vegetable gardens are no longer just rectangular beds that are hidden away behind the house…

Lungwort: You Can Grow That!
Lungwort (Pulmonaria) is a terrific plant for shade, but it can also take a good deal of sun. It awakens in early spring and has a long-lasting bloom.

Papaloquelite–You Can Grow That!
Try papaloquelite, an annual that adds cilantro-like flavor to summer foods.

Pizza – You Can Grow That
Start gardening by growing something everybody loves.

You Can Grow Maple Trees
Against the odds, we grew a maple tree from seed and you can, too.

“You Can Grow That” The Annual Annual Addiction
If you are anything like me, spring is a real seek and find adventure for rarely do I find all the right plants in the right combination of color, texture and habit at one nursery.

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