Click on the links to see what's touching these Garden Bloggers' hearts in May.

Click on the links to see what’s touching these Garden Bloggers’ hearts in May.

A Diverse, Natural, Beautiful Lawn? You Can Grow That!
A chaotic, beautiful, low-maintenance lawn. YCGT!

A Touch of the Tropics? You Can Grow That!
Here in Texas, it’s finally warm enough to think tropical — and for me, that means shrimp plants! Old-fashioned yet exotic, shrimp plants of all sorts thrive in our humid zone 9A gardens.

A Tower of Flowers? You Can Grow That!
Cute stacks of annuals add color and structure to your porch.

Basil Bonsai – You Can Grow That!
Gardening Jones looks at an unusual but flavorful plant combination.

Color That Pops: You Can Grow That!
Wondering what flowering annuals to plant this summer? Leaning toward pastel colors? We have to talk.

Enough Peas to Preserve:  You Can Grow That
Wouldn’t it be grand to have enough garden-fresh peas to last all year?

Exuberance: You Can Grow That!
What I learned on the Houston Heights Home and Garden Tour: More Joy

Foolproof Cucumber Seedlings: You Can Grow That!
You have plenty of time to do this method of starting cucumbers…it’s easy, and I dare say it’s fun!

How to Grow Rhubarb
Rhubarb comes in red, pink and green varieties. The red variety is highest in vitamin A. The redder the stalk, the sweeter it tastes.

Iris cristata: You Can Grow That!
This dwarf iris is beardless and it faces right up at you, unlike so many other woodland and native flowers that require you to peer at them from a snail’s vantage point. You Can Grow That!

Lily of the Valley: You Can Grow That!
Grown in a container by the door, Lilly of the Valley will provide a sweet fragrance that is easily carried by gentle breezes and are perfect cut flowers for bringing indoors or for sharing with a neighbor.

Planting a Butterfly Buffet: You Can Grow That!
Do you want to grow a love of gardening and nature in kids? Plant a Butterfly Buffet

Should I Repot My Houseplant?
Signs that an indoor plant is ready to be potted up to a larger container. You can grow that!

Springtime Partners: You Can Grow That!
Pretty pairings make springtime even more interesting. Here are some shady vignettes that make you even happier it’s finally May.

Try Some Native Plants: You Can Grow That!
I suggest trying some new plants this year. Here are a few you may not be growing that I grow in my yard. They are native plants and are becoming readily available in garden centers and online.

What’s New In The Garden: Instant Mix And Match Color
Announcing a soon-to-be-released way to get the maximum color into your garden for a minimal cost with Fusables®.

Wow – You Can Grow That – learning about neat stuff
While working in a new client’s garden today, I came across a very unusual plant.  I believe it is from a bulb.  The prior owner of this property was a plant enthusiast.

Zinnias: You Can Grow That!
We love zinnias. The Wonder Kids always like to have flowers to give away. Picking a handful of zinnia blooms and sharing them with friends and family always bring smiles.

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