In some parts of the world gardeners are solidly into SPRING. In others, not so much…

A Seasonal Container…You Can Grow That!
Tips on how to take your containers through the seasons.

Baptisia australis – You Can Grow That!
With Spring on my mind, I decided to write about a spring-flowering native perennial that’s at home in formal gardens, cottage gardens and everything in between.

Flower and Garden Shows: a magical world of color, creativity and knowledge
If you really love gardening, there is noting more fun than learning how ‘you can grow that’ at your local flower and garden show.

Forward Motion, Discovery, & Germination
In the garden and in life, the choice to do more is a choice.

Looking at Planting Combos From a New Perspective
Combining clematis and evergreens.

Perfect Peas – You Can Grow That!
It may be March, but it’s time to get busy in the garden–and it’s time to plant your peas! Don’t be afraid…these are nothing like the nasty canned peas our parents forced us to eat.

Seasonings – You Can Grow That!
Sure, all gardeners know they can grow herbs to season their food. Gardening Jones shows us a few more edibles that can replace those store bought jars on your spice shelf.

Seeds Started!
…opening the first big bag of dark organic seed starting mix: The warm earthy fragrance was heavenly.

Sweet Pea – Lathyrus odoratus – You Can Grow That!
The nostalgic sweet pea is having a comeback. 2013 is Sweet Pea year!

Swiss Chard: You Can Grow That!
Swiss chard is rich in vitamins and minerals and very versatile. You can use it in salads, stir fries, or the same ways you’d use any other greens.

Winter Aconite: You Can Grow That!
Winter Aconite — a bright, little bulb on dreary winter days.

You Can Grow That – Locally
Maybe you aren’t planting anything yet where you are, but it is time to think about where you’ll be getting your seeds and plants- consider a local business?

You Can Grow That Lettuce Anywhere!
Goodness, I need to be home at the end of March to prepare and plant the garden. But right now, given the circumstance, starting a flat of lettuce seeds was all I could manage… because it was easy!

You Can Grow That! March 2013: Geraniums Hoosier Gardener
The lowly geranium gets no respect despite its workhorse performance in the summer garden.

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