From Flopping Peonies to Killing Peaches…What’s Growing in June

 A Cape Favorite: You Can Grow That!
These versatile plants are true performers here on Cape Cod and truly love our coastal environment.

A Knockout Rose Hedge: You Can Grow That!
I’m getting ready to plant a hedge of Sunny Knock Out® Roses in my front yard.

Astilbe: You Can Grow That!
Astilbe, a great choice for a wet, shade location in your garden.

Can You Grow A Mini-Farm in Your Backyard?
Welcome to the farm…just don’t block the neighbor’s driveway.

Color in Dry Areas? You Can Grow That!
You know that hot, dry strip along the road? Well guess what…

Four Weeks of Peonies: You Can Grow That!
“They flop!” and “They last such a short time…”

Front Porch Creativity – You Can Grow That!
Remember how it felt to be a child with a fresh paintbox? You can experience that again, and spiff up the entry to your house at the same time!

Golden Japanese Forest Grass – You Can Grow That!
The Hoosier Gardener tells us about one of her favorite plants…a graceful grass that thrives in much of the United States.

Good Gardeners Kill Peaches
Learn why…and how you can grow them.

Grafted Vegetables: easier, tastier, safer crops for the garden
Here’s some information about some of the exciting grafted tomatoes that are finally coming to market for the home gardener here in the U.S. I say “finally” because they’ve been selling grafted vegetables for a half dozen years in Europe!

Peonies: You Can Grow That!
The reason I say “you can grow that” is that these are the least troublesome plants in the world.

Strawberries: You Can Grow That! June Edition
It’s an oft written about topic, but I was picking my berries this morning, so….

Time for Thyme: You Can Grow That!
Think out of the herb garden, plant thyme as a groundcover, a border, in containers.

Vegetables From Scraps
Gardening Jones checks out the reality of regrowing vegetables from kitchen scraps.

Want to “Pull A Curtain” on a View?
You can grow that, with the right tree!

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