The You Can Grow That Bloggers Explode With Ideas for the Fourth of July!

Gomphrena ‘Fireworks’ explode with color behind an outdoor candelabra. Color, ambiance and romance? You Can Grow That.

A Green Thumb? You Can Grow That!

People think that there are people who can grow things and those who can’t, but it’s really about paying attention…

Fireworks In The Garden: You Can Grow That! July 2013
These fireworks explode with color and beauty in the garden.

Freedom From Store-Bought Herbs. You Can Grow That!
Grow your own herbs and gain freedom from store-bought

Freedom to Grow Edibles in Your Front Yard: You Can Grow That!
Can you grow food in your front yard? If you think you can’t think again.

Hug a Bee! Protect Our Pollinators.
How can we ensure independence in our food supply? We can start by protecting our pollinators.

Independence From Hum-Drum Shade Plantings
We’ve been pulled out of our ruts by Impatiens downy mildew…so it’s time to get creative in the shade.

Kniphofia Creates Ka-Boom
Ka-Boom! Happy 4th of July! Try some Kniphofia for some quiet fireworks.

Lavender ‘Provence’ may not survive here in South Yarmouth, but I took a chance!
On this 4th Of July I value the FREEDOM to plant whatever I enjoy!

Mountain Laurel – You Can Grow That!
Happy 4th of July! Here’s my post about a native evergreen shrub, mountain laurel, that has amazingly beautiful and delicate flowers that will add a pop of excitement to your garden.

Support Your Local Independent Garden Centers: You Can Grow That!
Get out and support garden INDEPENDENCE by shopping this weekend at your local, independent garden center!

Wildfire Gardening
It’s the 4th of July. It’s also fire season for dry-summer ares and places hit by drought. With the disaster in Arizona, we need to be careful everyday, and not just with fireworks. The good news is that you can grow a fire-resistant garden that is BEAUTIFUL. Here’s how: and yes, you CAN grow this!

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