Dormant or Snow, You Can Still Grow


5 easy ways to enrich your life gardening
Whether you have a yard, a patio, a balcony or just a pot, some soil and a sunny window, here are five ways you can help fill your weeks this year with fun, easy and enriching gardening projects.

(Almost) Weed-Free: You Can Grow That!
Get ahead of the weeds by plotting their demise before they emerge! You can grow an (almost)weed-free garden!

Bottle Tree: You Can Grow That!
How about growing something inanimate this winter?

Burle Marx Peacock Plant: You Can Grow That!
“A Houseplant that even I can grow!”

Cold Remedies – You Can Grow That!
Gardening Jones shows us how what we grow in our gardens can help prevent colds, or at least ease the symptoms.

Fruit Trees and Other Edible Plants – You Can Grow That
Plantings you can eat. Why not?

Get Growing With Seeds – You Can Grow That!
Get growing with seeds; start with quick-growing micro greens.

Growing Potatoes – in containers YOU CAN GROW THAT!
Step by step how to grow Potatoes in Containers.

Let’s Grow Clean Indoor Air!
Let’s grow fresh air! Top 14 plants to filter your inside air.

Native Groundcovers For Shade – You Can Grow That!
This month, my post is about three native groundcovers that are perfect for growing in shady spots in your garden.

New Year’s Resolution: You Can Grow That!
Some gardeners hear horror stories of high-maintenance brassicas, but you can easily grow cauliflower with a few tricks: You Can Grow That! (Plus, a recipe.)

Shady Roses Now Appearing at Nurseries
Looking for rose varieties that bloom in yards with partial sun? Try these shady characters!

Stephanotis Floribunda
In between the kitschy tiny houses and pink plastic trees  we found it: plants I haven’t seen in a long time, Stephanotis floribunda.

Winter Containers: You Can Grow That!
Add some winter interest to your containers using some greenery and other foliage from your garden.

Winter Entertainment: You Can Grow That!
In the winter we need all the excitement we can get, and you can grow that!

Winter Jasmine: You CAN Grow That!
It’s flowering now, bright yellow in the landscape, and you can grow this winter color.

Winter Pastime YOU CAN GROW THAT By Imagining!
Plan next year’s gardens using the Moodboard ap for iPads.

Winter Squash: You Can Grow That!
Think it’s hard to grow winter squash? Think again.

You Can Grow That! January 2013: Stachys Hummelo
Bet on betony. You Can Grow That!

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