Four Words on the Fourth from Garden Bloggers who know what you can grow

A Handmade Gift? Yeah, You Can Grow That
Gardening Jones gives great suggestions and instructions for making gifts from the garden.

Agastache: Enjoy it, Drink it, Love it!
Did you know that this drought tolerant perennial is not only good for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds, but can be steeped as a hot beverage?

An Oak Tree? You Can Grow That!
Gordon’s Garden presents the six steps to “Ta-da!” grow your own oak tree.

Asparagus – You Can Grow That!
Planting Asparagus in California, and all you need to know about the care and feeding of this delicious plant, is the topic of Adria’s YCGT post.

Canna Lily: You Can Grow That!
The pots of Cannas pictured in this Joene’s Garden post will make you want them too…but be sure to read her words of advice about planting.

December musings: edibles—You Can Grow That!
Don celebrates the landscape plants in his Sacramento Valley property that produce food for casual picking.

Dill: Herb. You Can Grow That!
Distinctive Dill is one of the easiest food plants you can grow!

Dreaming of Spring: You Can Grow That!
Learn how you can have a garden filled with color next spring for 75% off!

Expressing Oneself Through Song
This gardener explores how she is growing herself.

Five Reasons to Grow Fabulous Amaryllis
The photos alone on this Tiny Tim’s Garden post will persuade you to grow this beautiful bulb.

John’s Find White Pine: You Can Grow That!
Debbie says she has a “fetish for dwarf conifers” and that’s lucky for us as she introduces readers to a great one.

Making Wine Out of Beetroot at The Villas…
Did you know you can make wine out of the beets you grow in your garden? Wine: You Can Grow That!

Microclimate: You Can Grow That!
This mid-western gardener explains how growing conditions can vary from one part of your property to another.

New Eyes – You Can Grow That!
How winter calls us to view our landscapes and lives more flexibly.

Persimmon: THE Edible Fruit for Autumn
Farmer Fred’s rant on this lovely tree.

Poinsettias: You Can Grow That!
Kathy Jentz writes about choosing, keeping and the latest trends with this most colorful of holiday plants.

Strong Root Systems – You Can Grow That!
Four simple things you can do to insure that your trees have strong roots…and if you’re thinking fertilizer, think again!

Vitex- You Can Grow That!
Read about the “nuts and bolts” of this plant that is a funny, adaptable, late-season bloomer.

You Can Grow That! December 2012:Diantus
Dianthus has great scents! Jo Ellen writes about this perennial that’s fragrant, evergreen, and withstands snow dumped on the foliage.

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