$100 Worth of Food in a Small Space: You Can Grow That!
Gardening Jones looks at a few easy ways to grow more food in the space you have.

A Low Alternative for Thyme: You Can Grow That!
Looking for a weed smothering, low-growing plant that looks like moss or thyme?

How to Buy Healthy Houseplants – You Can Grow That!
Learn the signs of houseplant health and how to spot a sick plant.

Gardeners take chances – I took a chance on this beauty
While shopping, if I happen upon something quite striking or unusual for the garden, I often buy it.  I may not know where it will end up being planted.

Gorgeous Gerbera Daisies Come in New Sizes, Shapes and Colors
Gerbera Daisies add fireworks of color to the garden at any time. Here are some of the new varieties worth looking for at your local garden center

Growing Basil – You Can Grow That!
Basil is one of the most popular herbs grown by home gardeners. This blog post will explain the steps from starting seeds to harvesting and storage.

Hydrangea, Queen of the Summer Garden – You Can Grow That!
Hydrangeas are one of the delights of the summer garden.  I like to think of them as the Queen of the garden because they seem to reign over other summer shrubs with their blooms.

Trumpet Honeysuckle – You Can Grow That!
“Attract hummingbirds with this native vine!


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