Annual Ornamental Grasses: You Can Grow That! August
No-mow grasses for the summertime.

Compost Volunteers – You Can Grow That!
Volunteer plants from the compost pile – great free plants

Five Star Hibiscus – You Can Grow That!
Some plants just bring so much joy when they flower that they are irresistible! Five Star Hibiscus is one of those.

Gladiolus: You Can Grow That!
Gladiolus, summer-blooming bulbs, what could be easier?

Herbstonne Sunflower ~ You Can Grow That!
Nothing says summer like the bright yellow flowers of Rudbeckia. Here’s a look at stately sunflower for the summer garden, Herbstonne green-cone sunflower.

Mistreated Onion Plants Still Make Onions
Onions will grow for you even when you treat them poorly…

My simple but effective water feature and I have frogs!
A homemade water feature.

Outside (or over) the Box: You Can Grow That!
Sometimes you have to break out from the quotidian, unleash that pent-up creativity, throw caution to the wind.

Summer Pizza – You Can Grow That!
Get ready to pick and bake a delicious August dinner.

Use succulents as a garden building material
Whether you are building or gardening, use amazing succulents for decorative, versatile effects in the landscape. Here are some suggestions on how You Can Grow Them (or…”That”).

White Cherry Tomatoes: You Can Grow That!
Gardening Jones looks at a wonderfully sweet large cherry type tomato, that has a bit of a challenge included.

You Can Grow That – Walk a Mile With Me
This month nothing specific about plants but a share for kindred readers who garden and as a result suffer from lower back pain.

The August garden is packed with color and life: You Can Grow That!

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