A Crocus Lawn – You Can Grow That!
You too can have an enchanting lawn filled with crocus blooms!

Curry – You Can Grow That!
When it comes to growing food, Gardening Jones doesn’t take ‘No’ for an answer.

Garden Advice Even the Experts Get Wrong
Enjoy experimenting and playing with your garden. That’s the best way to learn — and it’s fun. Even the top experts get things wrong so don’t think everyone knows more than you! Here are just some of the mistaken beliefs even the experts get wrong.

Grow an Avocado Tree From a Pit? Now What?
If you’ve grown avocado trees in water and let them languish like I have, spring is the perfect time to pot them up.

Heaths and Heathers for color when you need it most
Think heaths and heathers for sustainable joy for many years to come. Mix them up in a jumble…

Hens and Chicks – You Can Grow That!
Succulent love for April- Hens and Chicks!

Provence Lavender: You Can Grow That!
Want homegrown bunches of lavender? YCGT!

Spring Shopping List: You Can Grow That!
Soon garden center benches will be full of plants. Having worked in one I know that the employees are just as if not more excited than their customers to see the first load of plants come off the truck.

Start Your Own Seedlings
You don’t have to spend a fortune to create your own seed-starting setup. A shop light, inexpensive full-spectrum fluorescent tubes, and free planters come in under $20.

Starting Plants From Seed
One of the things I love best is to go into my seed-starting shed with a cup of coffee in the morning, or tea in the afternoon, and see what’s germinated.

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