Backyards beat climate extremes with outdoor rooms
Design outdoor living to make your yard a haven for you, your family, friends — and favorite plants

Papalo, Cilantro, & Lime
Papalo is seriously intense and surprisingly easy to grow.

Unusual Annual, Edible and Ornamental
Tall, beautiful and edible…next year this is going in the flower garden!

You Can Grow Cilantro – Right Now!
Cilantro is amazingly easy to grow in cool weather—spring and fall up north, and winter in the south.

You Can Grow That: In a Pot, In a Block, In a Raised Bed
You can grow that anywhere, and change it up along the way.

You Can Grow That! Tuscan Melons
These were not just any cantaloupes; these were Tuscan ‘Napoli’ melons from Renee’s Garden Seeds.


Chestnut in tree

Chestnut trees come into their own in September. Want something to roast on an open fire? You can grow that!

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