Amaryllis Obsession
Amaryllis – they’re not just for Christmas!

Anthuriums…You Can Grow That!!
Months of bloom, prettier than a poinsettia (a great holiday alternative) and beauty shiny green heart shaped leaves – who would not want to grow an Anthurium??

A Rain Garden? You Can Grow That!
Why build a rain garden? These landscape features that catch an excess of storm runoff are both functional and beautiful.

Camellia ‘Yuletide’ – You Can Grow That!
Camellias can provide months of bloom in an otherwise gloomy landscape. ‘Yuletide’ is a favorite selection of many for its big brilliant blooms and hardy nature

How to Grow Dried Beans and Peas
Grow something that you can eat throughout the year.

How to Grow – Fenugreek – Gardening Jones
An intercultural experience in your backyard garden? Yep, You Can Grow That!

New Plant Introductions for Your Spring Garden
Add excitement to the cold winter season by planning to try some of these new plant introductions in your spring garden:

Snowdrops – You Can Grow That!
Snowdrops, small, winter/spring blooming bulbs, are easy to grow. After planting the bulbs in the fall, in masses or drifts for the best effect, you will be rewarded with small, white bells in the midst of winter.

Three Sisters (and Some Cousins) Garden
We’re attempting to share words of wisdom from our early gardening attempts. And trying again an old favorite.

It may be winter, but we've still got Garden Fever!

It may be winter, but we’ve still got Garden Fever!

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