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Celebrating Garden Life

Celebrating Garden Life

Cheery Porch Pots for Fall? You Can Grow That!
Fall porch pots for warm climates, plus instructions on coloring and water-sealing the bushel baskets!

How to Grow Flax for Beauty and Seeds
Go ahead and tuck some nutrition in amongst the daisies, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

How to Grow Radishes
Radishes are one of the easiest and quickest cool season vegetables to grow.

Japanese Anemones? You Can Grow That!
Not only are Japanese anemones good looking, they are also easy to grow and care for. Give them a spot in partial sun with bit of moisture and they will reward you with masses of flowers for years.

My Favorite Drought Tolerant Plants: Tecoma stans
Add color to your drought-tolerant garden with Tecoma stans!

Organic Life? You Can Grow That!
Looking for the most life-affirming place to decompress in the evening? Look to your vegetable garden.

Sedum – Silent Princess of the Fall Garden – You Can Grow That!
Silently in the garden there is a perennial that requires minimal attention, drought tolerant, full to partial sun (depending on the cultivar) and is rather dependable – Sedum sits and politely waits it’s turn to be the Princess of the Fall garden.

This is a perennial that grows on and on!
Persicaria ‘Firetail’ is a shade-tolerant perennial that I adore! Wispy spikes of dark pink, especially in a large clump such as this, are remarkable for many reasons.

Variegated Sage – You Can Grow That!
Most people know about sage, it’s that dry, gray, crumbly herb you use when you make stuffing for Thanksgiving stuffing. True enough, the plant is an herb but it also adds beauty in the garden.


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