From memorials to walking onions, and plants or projects in between, find out what you can grow…

Walk this way....

Walk this way….

A Memorial. You can grow that!
Thinking about how to remember the people we love, by planting the flowers they love.

A Salad Bowl? You Can Grow That!
A spring weekend project for kids and adults: plant a salad bowl!

Clivia nobilis: You Can Grow That!
The description said it was more prone to rot than the more commonly available Clivia. And that it would bloom in two to three years. Neither scared me.

Grow Pineapples Indoors!
Pineapples are surprisingly easy to grow indoors. Here’s how.

Hens and Chicks? You Can Grow That! 
You don’t have to grow Hens and Chicks… they grow themselves.

How to Grow Carrots – You Can Grow That!
Carrots come in many colors, not just orange.

Plan T for Peppers: You Can Grow That!
Some gardening seasons, I run through all my back-up plans for various plants. This year, it’s the peppers that are making me resort to Plan T, as Sweet Hubby calls it.

Radishes: You Can Grow That!
Radish — easy and quick! The best choice for beginning kitchen gardeners of all ages.

Sanity and the Sustainable Garden – You Can Grow That!
Sustainable gardening can make a difference to your life — and life all around you. You can grow that!

Stevia – You Can Grow That!
A hard to grow plant? Challenge accepted!

You Can Grow That: Walking Onions
You can grow walking onions, also called Egyptian walking onions, tree onions, winter onions, and perennial onions.


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