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A Patch of Sundrops
Sundrops are a bi-colored, fast-spreading ground cover that pushes up a wave of yellow blossoms in late spring and early summer.

Asparagus: You Can Grow That!
Nothing says, “SPRING!” like fresh Asparagus. With no real work on my part…

Colors For The Evening Garden
Do you have (or want) a fire pit? If so, you’ll want some Fire Pit Plantings. Color for the evening garden: You Can Grow That!

How to Grow Celery – You Can Grow That
Have you had success growing celery in your garden?

Veggie Conversation Starters – You Can Grow That!
Grow vegetables in a variety of colors and shapes, and people are bound to talk.

Why water wise gardens need plants
When you design or redesign your garden into a water wise landscape, this is important.

You Can Grow Queen’s Tears Easily – Without Shedding Tears
A plant that grows on plants? Why wouldn’t you grow that?

You Can Grow That: Lemon Balm
Lemon balm is a beautiful green “landscape edible,” and is also as a pollinator plant.



Asparagus emerges in early spring and can provide a harvest well into summer photo courtesy of Kathy Jentz

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