A More Beautiful Community – You Can Grow That

I live in District Heights, Maryland and my little community has such potential to make a difference in it’s beautification efforts, I decided to create a homegrown coalition to get the garden party started.

A More Beautiful Neighborhood? You Can Grow That!
People like to be a part of something good, so start planting! Beautifying a landscape becomes contagious.

A More Beautiful Sugar Land: You Can Grow That!
It’s okay to take out a tree you don’t like and replace it with one you love! These flowering trees are well-suited for most of the Gulf Coast region.

A More Beautiful Washington? You Can Grow That!
Washington, DC, IS a beautiful city, but it is far from what it could be potentially. There are many missed opportunities for color and life. With just a few simple steps this city could be a gardener’s paradise. I’d like to propose the following pledge for every citizen of the District and its surrounding suburbs.

A More Beautiful (YourTownNameHere)? You Can Grow That!
Gardening Jones looks at some different ways you can beautify your neighborhood through gardening.

An Appreciation for Natural Landscapes – You Can Grow That!
Beautify your town/region by working with land trusts and conservation groups to preserve natural spaces.

Friends of the Garden: You Can Grow That!
In my community there are two lovely parks that I frequent often. They serve as a beautiful spots to relax, enjoy the beauty of lovingly planted flowers and trees and appreciate the hard work and devotion of kindred spirits.

Growing and Preserving Cilantro – You Can Grow That!
I have grown large crops of Cilantro every year…successfully!! This is what I do and how I preserve it.

Pachysandra or Spurge for Shade: You Can Grow That!
Pachysandra is a semi-evergreen ground cover that is native to the eastern US from PA to LA and is cold hardy to zone 5. It is an ideal choice for shady areas in the garden where a slow growing ground cover would be ideal.

Save Your Garden in the California Drought!
How to grow a spectacular garden despite the California drought. Yes, you CAN grow that!

Sweet Woodruff – You Can Grow That!
This old-fashioned perennial is a great problem-solver plant for any gardener looking for a flowering ground cover for a shady spot.

The Benefit of Snow – You Can Grow That!
It’s been a particularly snowy winter in Maine. Skiers and snowmobilers have been ecstatic with the accumulation of the white stuff… but gardeners only measure how much snow has to melt before we see the ground.

When Leaching is Good – You Can Grow That!
If leaching makes you think of that annoying friend who always “forgets” his wallet, or that relative who overstays her welcome, readjust your thinking. For the purposes of this article, leaching refers to rinsing the soil of your houseplants.

You Can Grow That! February 2014: Sketch your plant desires
You Can Grow That! But sketch out your plant desires first.

You Can Grow That – fruit for the birds to enjoy/winter entertainment
Choosing plantings gets easier when one considers the birds in winter.

You Can Grow That: Iowa
The state of Iowa made me a garden designer and writer and gave my kids a great place to grow up…

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