Avoiding Squash Vine Borers
Squash without the worry of squash vine borers? You can grow that!

Horseradish Sauce! (Relish?)

Horseradish from your own garden to use in sauces and marinades.

How to Keep Carrot Harvest
Garden produce in the dead of winter? You can grow that!

You Can Grow it Better – with a Garden Journal
Take better care of your own small corner of the Universe.

You Can Grow That: Milkweed!
According to Boy Wonder #2, we’ve got to “up our game” this year for the Monarchs.

You Can Grow That: Parsley
Add beauty to your garden and flavor to your cooking.

What to do with holiday plants
Got plant left-overs from the holiday? Make ’em last. Here’s how.


Fairy Duster

You probably won’t see a fairy duster in bloom in the US in January, but there’s plenty to get excited about in gardening. photo courtesy of Jacqueline Soule

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