In advance of Valentine’s Day our garden bloggers explore the varied ways you might cultivate love and romance.

An Intimacy With Flora – You Can Grow That!
In February, vow to cultivate an intimacy with Flora.

A Secret Garden For a Loved One – You Can Grow That!
Everyone who has lost a loved one can find solace in creating a special place in your garden for them.

For the Love of a Red Rose
Many folks will be givers or receivers of red roses this month honoring Valentine’s Day, but I’d rather be a grower! One can never have too many red roses in the garden; For me, they’re as essential as my Felco pruners & old galvanized watering can.

Have You Lost That Loving Feeling?
Are you “working” on your garden? Try thinking of your garden as a playground.

Let Your Garden Love You Back for Valentine’s Day
Are you and your garden Valentines? Yup, you can share the love even in the winter!

Lilacs and Redbuds: You Can Grow That!
Lilacs and redbuds both fit in a low-water landscape. They have spectacular blooms, and are carefree.

Love Color? You Can Grow That!
Depending on where you live, spring is either arriving or just around the corner. Your landscape is about to be the setting for a joyous, seasonal party: how will you decorate for the festival?

Love For Real Food: You Can Grow That!
Involve your children in growing and preparing their own food; they may grow up to love it!

Love Spring? You Can Grow That!
It doesn’t matter whether you choose to save your pre-spring “pick me up plants” or toss them into the compost. If you’re tired of the dormant season give yourself a Valentine this year: if you love spring, you can grow that!

Love-in-the-Mist: You Can Grow That!
Just like a great romance, love-in-the-mist (Nigella damascena) ages well. Not only are the flowers beautiful, the seed heads have a magic all their own.

Love? You Can Grow That!
Gardening Jones gives away her heart and garden to the new love of her life.

Love? You Can Grow That! (In a Puff)
Love-in-a-puff! As we all know, volunteering, especially for the well-being of children, is the very best way to grow love.

Magical Surprises: You Can Grow That!
Isn’t it romantic to surprise yourself? You Can Do That!

Memories of Love and Trees
Trees and love stories; how interwoven they are. This valentine season, share your tree love story with us.

Never Out of Fashion – You Can Grow That
More than any other flower the rose have long been a source of fascination and inspiration for cultures around the world.

Seductive Strawberries
Growing the world’s most romantic fruit is simple–and baking a Valentine’s Day surprise for your honey is easy, too

The Heart Healthy Garden
What are the top five fruits and vegetables with the most soluble fiber that should be a part of a heart-healthy backyard garden? Master Gardener Fred Hoffman tackles a topic that is very close to his heart.

Wisteria: You Can Grow That!  A Love/Hate Relationship
Native and Invasive Wisterias. A relationship? It’s complicated.

You Can Grow That: Apples!
Plant an apple tree and fall in love. Time to start planning the place where your trees will go.

You Can Grow That: Beet Greens
I decided to be contrarian, and write about a plant that I should love, but don’t…

You Can Grow That!
Close your eyes and think of something that takes you to a special time or place when you felt Love.

Robert Indiana’s sculpture at the Indianapolis Museum of Art…where they also have beautiful gardens. Coincidence? You decide.

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