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You Can Grow That! April 2014


A Crocus Lawn – You Can Grow That!
You too can have an enchanting lawn filled with crocus blooms!

Curry – You Can Grow That!
When it comes to growing food, Gardening Jones doesn’t take ‘No’ for an answer.

Garden Advice Even the Experts Get Wrong
Enjoy experimenting and playing with your garden. That’s the best way to learn — and it’s fun. Even the top experts get things wrong so don’t think everyone knows more than you! Here are just some of the mistaken beliefs even the experts get wrong.

Grow an Avocado Tree From a Pit? Now What?
If you’ve grown avocado trees in water and let them languish like I have, spring is the perfect time to pot them up.

Heaths and Heathers for color when you need it most
Think heaths and heathers for sustainable joy for many years to come. Mix them up in a jumble…

Hens and Chicks – You Can Grow That!
Succulent love for April- Hens and Chicks!

Provence Lavender: You Can Grow That!
Want homegrown bunches of lavender? YCGT!

Spring Shopping List: You Can Grow That!
Soon garden center benches will be full of plants. Having worked in one I know that the employees are just as if not more excited than their customers to see the first load of plants come off the truck.

Start Your Own Seedlings
You don’t have to spend a fortune to create your own seed-starting setup. A shop light, inexpensive full-spectrum fluorescent tubes, and free planters come in under $20.

Starting Plants From Seed
One of the things I love best is to go into my seed-starting shed with a cup of coffee in the morning, or tea in the afternoon, and see what’s germinated.

You Can Grow That! March 2014

We’re planning and preparing for the growing season…

 5 Wonderful Grains for Your Home Garden
Gardening Jones looks at another way you can grow freedom from dependence on others.

Age Appropriate Gardening Activities – You Can Grow That!
First, a couple of pet peeves of mine. One: if it’s in the garden, please don’t call it a chore.

Colorful Flowers All Summer? You Can Grow That!
Take your mind off of the end of winter. Here are ten colorful flowering annuals you should know about.

Early Spring Stars of the Garden – You Can Grow That!
It did not take long to conjure up some color. Here is my post. Early Spring Stars of the Garden: You Can Grow That!

Feed The Monarchs! You Can Grow That
Can gardeners save a species from extinction? Yes. You Can Grow That.

Feed Those Birds: You Can Grow That
Feeding the birds is one of those things that can bring such joy at a time of year when Winter’s dreariness can start to get the better of you.

Getting the most from plant Tags
That little piece of plastic gives you invaluable information that will help ensure success in your garden.

How to grow Sycamore trees from seed
Have you every wondered if you can grow your own Sycamore trees from seed? If so, here’s how.

Poppies From Seed: You Can Grow That!
As much as our choices in everything from paper towel to hand sanitizers have increased over the years, there are still more that we might not even know about. For instance, there are some plants you will rarely see at your local garden center or even as a mail-order plant.

Snowbird Gardener Inspiration – Vacation to Sunny Florida
Many of the tropical plants grown at this garden inspire my gardens in Maine in the summer time. Here are a few of the plants that got my attention this year.

Sowing Snow Peas in the Fried-Chickenarium
At the end of the meal, we had full bellies and a fried chickenarium to show for our efforts.

Summer Color in Dry Places? You Can Grow That!
Yes, even in places that only get watered periodically you can have summer color. There are a number of drought-tolerant annuals, perennials and shrubs that provide colorful flowers and foliage. Here are two that do particularly well on Cape Cod.

YCGT- The joys of travel; the joy of coming home
You can grow that – the love of nature wherever you find it.

February 2014 You Can Grow That!

A More Beautiful Community – You Can Grow That

I live in District Heights, Maryland and my little community has such potential to make a difference in it’s beautification efforts, I decided to create a homegrown coalition to get the garden party started.

A More Beautiful Neighborhood? You Can Grow That!
People like to be a part of something good, so start planting! Beautifying a landscape becomes contagious.

A More Beautiful Sugar Land: You Can Grow That!
It’s okay to take out a tree you don’t like and replace it with one you love! These flowering trees are well-suited for most of the Gulf Coast region.

A More Beautiful Washington? You Can Grow That!
Washington, DC, IS a beautiful city, but it is far from what it could be potentially. There are many missed opportunities for color and life. With just a few simple steps this city could be a gardener’s paradise. I’d like to propose the following pledge for every citizen of the District and its surrounding suburbs.

A More Beautiful (YourTownNameHere)? You Can Grow That!
Gardening Jones looks at some different ways you can beautify your neighborhood through gardening.

An Appreciation for Natural Landscapes – You Can Grow That!
Beautify your town/region by working with land trusts and conservation groups to preserve natural spaces.

Friends of the Garden: You Can Grow That!
In my community there are two lovely parks that I frequent often. They serve as a beautiful spots to relax, enjoy the beauty of lovingly planted flowers and trees and appreciate the hard work and devotion of kindred spirits.

Growing and Preserving Cilantro – You Can Grow That!
I have grown large crops of Cilantro every year…successfully!! This is what I do and how I preserve it.

Pachysandra or Spurge for Shade: You Can Grow That!
Pachysandra is a semi-evergreen ground cover that is native to the eastern US from PA to LA and is cold hardy to zone 5. It is an ideal choice for shady areas in the garden where a slow growing ground cover would be ideal.

Save Your Garden in the California Drought!
How to grow a spectacular garden despite the California drought. Yes, you CAN grow that!

Sweet Woodruff – You Can Grow That!
This old-fashioned perennial is a great problem-solver plant for any gardener looking for a flowering ground cover for a shady spot.

The Benefit of Snow – You Can Grow That!
It’s been a particularly snowy winter in Maine. Skiers and snowmobilers have been ecstatic with the accumulation of the white stuff… but gardeners only measure how much snow has to melt before we see the ground.

When Leaching is Good – You Can Grow That!
If leaching makes you think of that annoying friend who always “forgets” his wallet, or that relative who overstays her welcome, readjust your thinking. For the purposes of this article, leaching refers to rinsing the soil of your houseplants.

You Can Grow That! February 2014: Sketch your plant desires
You Can Grow That! But sketch out your plant desires first.

You Can Grow That – fruit for the birds to enjoy/winter entertainment
Choosing plantings gets easier when one considers the birds in winter.

You Can Grow That: Iowa
The state of Iowa made me a garden designer and writer and gave my kids a great place to grow up…

You Can Grow That! January 2014

Yes, it’s deep winter. There are early sunsets and cold weather, depending on where you are. But growth is possible! See what the YCGT bloggers are cultivating…

A Gardening Library – You Can Grow That!
Use gardening down-time to grow gardening knowledge.

A Plant Based Diet? You Can Grow That!
A plant based diet is as close as your garden gate. Go ahead and try it, after all- what have you got to lose?

5 Reasons to Plant And Grow A Garden
With the holidays over, it’s time to think about the coming year and making it better than ever. For those who have yet to seriously commit to gardening, here are 5 good ways it can improve your life. Start your 2014 garden now. You can grow that and enjoy every moment of it!

New Life for Overgrown Dish Gardens
Think of a dish garden as a college apartment where several students are crammed into a small space; being so crowded is doable for awhile, but it’s not a situation that can go on forever.

Pansies in Winter – You Can Grow That!
Blooms in winter?? Too cold to go outside? Planting pansies can invoke happiness even on the grayest of winter days.

You Can Grow That: Potted Ornithogalum
Ornithogalum in a pot brings the white indoors.

You Can Grow That! Vegetables!
On a frigid winter’s day thinking of fresh vegetables (and recalling the warm summer sun on my back as I pick those tomatoes and eggplants) made the weather bearable.

You Can Grow That! December 2013

A Glass Gem Corn: the colorful harvest
It’s the hottest news in edibles and the seeds are available NOW. Check out the outrageously colored Glass Gem Corn.

A Low Evergreen? You Can Grow That!
Tired of fighting a shrub’s size? You can grow a low-maintenance foundation planting.

Color to Lift Hearts in Winter? You Can Grow That!
When the days are super-short we all need a dose of color and growth. Thankfully, it’s easy with winter flowering bulbs.

Healthy Seed Sprouts – You Can Grow That!
A healthier 2014? Yes, you can grow that!

Horseradish-You Can Grow That!
You’ll shed tears when processing horseradish, but home grown is the best.

Indoor Bulbs: You Can Grow That!
Didn’t get all your bulbs planted before the ground froze? Don’t discard them! Pot them up for indoor forcing…

One Hundred Pounds of Squash
Fairytale squash is no fairy tale….it’s better than fiction.

Paperwhites! You Can Grow That
I love paperwhite narcissus. Here are tips on how to grow them and how to keep them from getting too tall and flopping over.

Rosemary: You Can Grow That!
Whew! I had to take pictures in the snow, but here’s my post about living on the edge, trying to get Rosemary to live through the winter.

Seat-of-the-Pants Deer-Proofing: You Can Grow That!
It’s a good thing that plants don’t get embarrassed…

Self-Determination? You Can Grow That!
For whom are you building this garden?

Yes, you can grow these lovely, fresh flowers in the winter. Paperwhite narcissus: YCGT!

You Can Grow That! November 2013

This Month Bloggers are Sharing the Many Possibilities That Might Be Grown…and Given Away

A Bouquet To Make Someone’s Day – You Can Grow That!
Snip here. Snip there and voila! A bouquet to give away.

A Cutting Garden – You Can Grow That!
“When you grow a cutting garden, you’ll have plenty to gather for yourself and to share.”

A Little Heart’s Ease? You Can Grow That!
There’s more growing in my heart than in my garden this morning. A little Balm of Gilead? You can grow that!

Color in November: You Can Grow That!
Don’t shut the door on autumn. Extend the colorful season by including these plants. You Can Grow That!

Extending the Season
I have been ‘gently coaxing’ (“forcing them” seems so brutal! ) indoors to extend the season.

Extra Goodies To Share – You Can Grow That!
Mary Palmer writes how in the garden what goes around comes around.

How to Create a Shadow or Silhouette Garden
Cheer up dull walls with an artistic shadow garden!

Growing Autumn Bouquets
Once upon a time, when I nervously signed the mortgage for my first house, I didn’t rush to Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel.  Instead, I spent every bit of disposable income supporting local nurseries.

Random Smiles – You Can Grow That!
Think of give away bouquets as the antidote to impatience and road rage…and you can grow that!

Saffron – you can grow that. No, Really!
Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, but you can grow that.

Thankfulness and Giving – You Can Grow That!
Gardening Jones has learned that giving of yourself is the greatest gift of all, and gardeners get to do that in abundance.

The Gift of Home Grown Flowers: You Can Grow That!
The Nuts and Bolts for this month are pretty simple.  Plant some floriferous annuals this Spring in a sunny spot.

When you grow flowers for cutting you can sprinkle bouquets – or single blooms – throughout your community.

You Can Grow That! October 2013

Gluten Free Low Carb Bread Crumbs – You Can Grow That!
Gardening Jones looks at a healthy alternative to processed bread crumbs that you can grow yourself.

Goodwill – You Can Grow That!
Let’s make it a point to share the bounty from our gardens.

Grow a Larder Full of Produce
It’s not hard to grow a larder full of vegetables and fruits. Learn to preserve!

How to propagate Jasmine plants
Grow sweet smelling jasmine? Yes, you can grow that — indoors or out.

Inspiration Through Travel: You Can Grow That!
To new friends and inspirations: You Can Grow that!

Salvia ‘Black and Blue’: You Can Grow That!
This “tender” perennial salvia grows in full sun to part shade in well-drained soil. It has bright green foliage and brilliant blue flowers with black calyces.

Social Studies and Seed Saving
Can you grow a love of learning in a garden? Yes. You Can Grow That!

To harvest one first has to plant!
With a bit of patience—-you can grow that—-fragrance for fall!

You Can Grow That! Late Blooming Annuals
Cold tolerant annuals keep the landscape in color, even in fall.

You Can Grow That – Rayless-goldenrod
Add a late season splash of color to your plantings!

What can you grow? Salvia ‘Black and Blue’ which is a hummingbird magnet plant? Goodwill? Social Studies? Read what our bloggers suggest is possible to cultivate in your gardens.

You Can Grow That! September 2013

Agastache – Late Summer’s Dusty Colors = You Can Grow That!
Scented leaves, gorgeous late-summer flowers and durable plants beloved by butterflies, bees and hummingbirds, make Agastaches a garden favorite.

Chili Peppers – you can grow that!
Love that evocative smell of roasted chilis in the fall? Why not grow some at home?

Front Porch Privacy? You Can Grow That!
Sitting on your front porch, sipping a beverage and sheltered from sun, rain, and passing traffic: heaven.

Grow a Fig Tree From a Cutting
Want a fig tree? It’s easy to grow one from a cutting.

How to Grow Gherkins
A 38 Year Old Memory? You Can Grow That!

How to kill or live with dandelions – you choice!
You can grow that, but do you want to?

Late-blooming Perennials: You Can Grow That!
Late bloomers steal the spotlight in Midwestern gardens.

Prepping and Planting The Fall Garden
Fall may be just around the corner, but now’s the time to plan and plant cool weather crops so that you can eat well during chilly days. You Can Grow a Fall Garden!

Video Wednesday: Crape Myrtles, You Can Grow That!
Crape Myrtles are a beautiful, multi-stemmed, flowering shrub that has many landscape uses. For those in the Mid-Atlantic and Southern regions of the United States, it is reliably hardy and easily available at your local independent garden center.

Who Made the Cut? “You Can Grow That”
Every year about this time I assess the success or failure of some of my annual plantings.

YCGT—a late summer bouquet
Plant your garden with fall bouquets in mind.

From all walks of life, people gather to see just what can be grown…

You Can Grow That! - August 4th 2013

Annual Ornamental Grasses: You Can Grow That! August
No-mow grasses for the summertime.

Compost Volunteers – You Can Grow That!
Volunteer plants from the compost pile – great free plants

Five Star Hibiscus – You Can Grow That!
Some plants just bring so much joy when they flower that they are irresistible! Five Star Hibiscus is one of those.

Gladiolus: You Can Grow That!
Gladiolus, summer-blooming bulbs, what could be easier?

Herbstonne Sunflower ~ You Can Grow That!
Nothing says summer like the bright yellow flowers of Rudbeckia. Here’s a look at stately sunflower for the summer garden, Herbstonne green-cone sunflower.

Mistreated Onion Plants Still Make Onions
Onions will grow for you even when you treat them poorly…

My simple but effective water feature and I have frogs!
A homemade water feature.

Outside (or over) the Box: You Can Grow That!
Sometimes you have to break out from the quotidian, unleash that pent-up creativity, throw caution to the wind.

Summer Pizza – You Can Grow That!
Get ready to pick and bake a delicious August dinner.

Use succulents as a garden building material
Whether you are building or gardening, use amazing succulents for decorative, versatile effects in the landscape. Here are some suggestions on how You Can Grow Them (or…”That”).

White Cherry Tomatoes: You Can Grow That!
Gardening Jones looks at a wonderfully sweet large cherry type tomato, that has a bit of a challenge included.

You Can Grow That – Walk a Mile With Me
This month nothing specific about plants but a share for kindred readers who garden and as a result suffer from lower back pain.

The August garden is packed with color and life: You Can Grow That!

You Can Grow That! July 7th, 2013

The You Can Grow That Bloggers Explode With Ideas for the Fourth of July!

Gomphrena ‘Fireworks’ explode with color behind an outdoor candelabra. Color, ambiance and romance? You Can Grow That.

A Green Thumb? You Can Grow That!

People think that there are people who can grow things and those who can’t, but it’s really about paying attention…

Fireworks In The Garden: You Can Grow That! July 2013
These fireworks explode with color and beauty in the garden.

Freedom From Store-Bought Herbs. You Can Grow That!
Grow your own herbs and gain freedom from store-bought

Freedom to Grow Edibles in Your Front Yard: You Can Grow That!
Can you grow food in your front yard? If you think you can’t think again.

Hug a Bee! Protect Our Pollinators.
How can we ensure independence in our food supply? We can start by protecting our pollinators.

Independence From Hum-Drum Shade Plantings
We’ve been pulled out of our ruts by Impatiens downy mildew…so it’s time to get creative in the shade.

Kniphofia Creates Ka-Boom
Ka-Boom! Happy 4th of July! Try some Kniphofia for some quiet fireworks.

Lavender ‘Provence’ may not survive here in South Yarmouth, but I took a chance!
On this 4th Of July I value the FREEDOM to plant whatever I enjoy!

Mountain Laurel – You Can Grow That!
Happy 4th of July! Here’s my post about a native evergreen shrub, mountain laurel, that has amazingly beautiful and delicate flowers that will add a pop of excitement to your garden.

Support Your Local Independent Garden Centers: You Can Grow That!
Get out and support garden INDEPENDENCE by shopping this weekend at your local, independent garden center!

Wildfire Gardening
It’s the 4th of July. It’s also fire season for dry-summer ares and places hit by drought. With the disaster in Arizona, we need to be careful everyday, and not just with fireworks. The good news is that you can grow a fire-resistant garden that is BEAUTIFUL. Here’s how: and yes, you CAN grow this!