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December 2014 – You Can Grow That!

You can grow so much that is life-affirming...

You can grow so much that is life-affirming…

How To Grow Cabbage
Cabbage is an easy to grow cool season vegetable.

Leeks- You Can Grow That!
Leeks, an easy to grow long-term edible.

Polynesian Vines – You Can Grow That!
Here’s an easy to grow houseplant you’ll want to try.

Real Life Gardening
Gardening is filled with surprises. There are guidelines, but few guarantees. If you want to get the most fun out of your garden, here’s how:

Schlumbergera…Or Christmas Cactus…You Can Grow That!
They are everywhere and even YOU can grow that!

You Can Grow That: Alpine Strawberries!
Sweet Alpine strawberries…yes, you can grow them from seed.

You Can Grow That - November 2014


Amazing Aglaonemas
You can grow these houseplants!

Basil for Yew: You Can Grow That!
The fog has lifted and the basil is growing.

Best evergreen broadleaf trees for the Los Angeles area
This is the perfect time to start tree planting in warm-winter climates. Select carefully. Here are some suggestions for good evergreen trees you can grow in the Los Angeles area.

Celebrating National Indoor Plant Week and the Benefits of Houseplants
During National Indoor Plant Week, Garden Media Group did a tour of college campuses in Pennsylvania and gave away more than 700 houseplants from Costa Farm’s Plants of Steel Collection.

Fall Femininity…Camellias Bloom With Total Abandon
Do you have a touch of feminity in your fall garden? If not Camellia Sasanqua is the answer….

Forever Food: You Can Grow That!
What edibles can you plant once and enjoy forever? Probably more than you realize.

Herbaceous Peonies: You Can Grow That!
Herbaceous Peonies are easy to grow and will reward you with armfuls of luscious blooms every May-June.

How to Grow Cauliflower – You Can Grow That!
Cauliflower is low in calories and an excellent source of vitamin C.

The Love of Gardening – You Can Grow That
A regional festival, organized around private garden tours and plants, might be a win-win for your area too.

With a little patience, You Can Grow That
A seedling tree is a good lesson in patience.

You Can Grow That: Little Henry Sweetspire
Itea virginica ‘Little Henry’ has fantastic fall color.


You Can Grow That: October 2014

Red Beans and Beyond! Read what garden bloggers are growing...and what YOU can grow too.

Red Beans and Beyond! Read what garden bloggers are growing…and what YOU can grow too.

A Red Bean That Stays Red? You Can Grow That!
Most purple or red beans turn green when cooked, but not the red noodle bean!

Beauty Berry…and WOW…You Can Grow That!
For something different in the Fall….try Beautyberry…….YOU CAN GROW THAT!!!

Dwarf Iris: You Can Grow That!
Grow dwarf irises for early spring color! These irises are only 4-5 inches tall and bloom solitary flowers in early March in my zone 7 Virginia garden.

For More Color, Plant a Diverse Landscape
A yard filled with flower and foliage color? You can grow that with a mix of all types of plants.

Harvesting my Prickly Pear… You Can Grow That!
This week, I harvested the fruit from my prickly pear (with the help of some salad tongs!), following the instructions on this page (which has a nice recipe).

Horseradish has attitude. It’s hard to kill, it wants to take over your garden, and it adds drama to your cooking. You can grow that!

How to Grow Aronia for Both Health and Landscape Appeal
If you are looking for a win-win in an edible landscape, check out Aronia. It’s got it going on.

How to Grow Butternut Squash – You Can Grow That!
Butternut squash is easy to grow and store for that fresh from your garden taste in the winter.

Not an African Violet
These aren’t African violets but petrocosmea. You can grow them!

Plant a Splash of Color Today
YCGT on the 4th of each month is a blog for gardeners who want to share and inspire.

You Can Grow That

Garden Bloggers Tell What You Can Grow - September 2014

Read about the exciting things YOU can grow!

Celebrating Garden Life

Celebrating Garden Life

Cheery Porch Pots for Fall? You Can Grow That!
Fall porch pots for warm climates, plus instructions on coloring and water-sealing the bushel baskets!

How to Grow Flax for Beauty and Seeds
Go ahead and tuck some nutrition in amongst the daisies, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

How to Grow Radishes
Radishes are one of the easiest and quickest cool season vegetables to grow.

Japanese Anemones? You Can Grow That!
Not only are Japanese anemones good looking, they are also easy to grow and care for. Give them a spot in partial sun with bit of moisture and they will reward you with masses of flowers for years.

My Favorite Drought Tolerant Plants: Tecoma stans
Add color to your drought-tolerant garden with Tecoma stans!

Organic Life? You Can Grow That!
Looking for the most life-affirming place to decompress in the evening? Look to your vegetable garden.

Sedum – Silent Princess of the Fall Garden – You Can Grow That!
Silently in the garden there is a perennial that requires minimal attention, drought tolerant, full to partial sun (depending on the cultivar) and is rather dependable – Sedum sits and politely waits it’s turn to be the Princess of the Fall garden.

This is a perennial that grows on and on!
Persicaria ‘Firetail’ is a shade-tolerant perennial that I adore! Wispy spikes of dark pink, especially in a large clump such as this, are remarkable for many reasons.

Variegated Sage – You Can Grow That!
Most people know about sage, it’s that dry, gray, crumbly herb you use when you make stuffing for Thanksgiving stuffing. True enough, the plant is an herb but it also adds beauty in the garden.


You Can Grow That - August 2014

What do onions, orchids and naked ladies have in common?  Find out as you read what garden bloggers suggest that you might grow…

Dahlia’s Darling- You Can Grow That!
One of my favorite blooms in the mid summer garden!

Miltonia Orchids: You Can Grow That!
I was seduced by another orchid a couple weeks ago. Hence, the new You Can Grow That post.

Naked Ladies: You Can Grow That!
Plants get naked too, and you can grow that!

Organic Onions 75 Cents per Pound – You Can Grow That!
The freshness and flavor of homegrown food goes without saying. Here, Gardening Jones looks at the real dollars and cents of growing your own… In this case, it’s organic onions.

The Fragrance of Summer
Sit down on a summer evening and take a deep breath…

The Ultimate Edible Garden Solution
Sometimes you can’t grow the fruits and vegetables you want because the pests get all the goodies first. Here’s my final and fun solution so “You can grow that”

Tomato Environmental Disorders 2014
Unfortunately, tomatoes are prone to several environmental disorders.

White Lobularia, such as this Snow Princess, is fragrant on summer evenings. What plants and environments do you want in your life? Chances are, you CAN grow that!

White Lobularia, such as this Snow Princess, is fragrant on summer evenings. What plants and environments do you want in your life?  You CAN grow that!


You Can Grow That Blog Posts July 2014

$100 Worth of Food in a Small Space: You Can Grow That!
Gardening Jones looks at a few easy ways to grow more food in the space you have.

A Low Alternative for Thyme: You Can Grow That!
Looking for a weed smothering, low-growing plant that looks like moss or thyme?

How to Buy Healthy Houseplants – You Can Grow That!
Learn the signs of houseplant health and how to spot a sick plant.

Gardeners take chances – I took a chance on this beauty
While shopping, if I happen upon something quite striking or unusual for the garden, I often buy it.  I may not know where it will end up being planted.

Gorgeous Gerbera Daisies Come in New Sizes, Shapes and Colors
Gerbera Daisies add fireworks of color to the garden at any time. Here are some of the new varieties worth looking for at your local garden center

Growing Basil – You Can Grow That!
Basil is one of the most popular herbs grown by home gardeners. This blog post will explain the steps from starting seeds to harvesting and storage.

Hydrangea, Queen of the Summer Garden – You Can Grow That!
Hydrangeas are one of the delights of the summer garden.  I like to think of them as the Queen of the garden because they seem to reign over other summer shrubs with their blooms.

Trumpet Honeysuckle – You Can Grow That!
“Attract hummingbirds with this native vine!


You Can Grow That Bloggers for June 2014

Garden bloggers are here to help you grow!

Garden bloggers are here to help you grow!

Artistic, structural screening – You Can Grow That
I knew I’d have to remove, eventually, a large evergreen…

Barbeque Flavor Butternut Squash
A meal with more than one vegetable side dish? You can grow that and cook that daily!

Broccoli Raab – You Can Grow That!
Gardening Jones takes a look at an easy to grow veggie that’s new to many gardens.

Front Porch Pumpkin – You Can Grow That
Last fall, we had about 10 pumpkins on the front porch for a fall stoop-scape. As usual, they stayed more or less in place until they started rotting.

Garden in a Box – You Can Grow That
Why not a preplanned garden? Save water, save money…you can grow that.

Growing Sweet Corn/ You Can Grow That
How you can grow sweet corn.

Guide to Low-Maintenance House Plants – You Can Grow That!
Really durable houseplants that provide great architectural interest!

Improved Soil, AND a Mess of Peas: You Can Grow That!
Southern peas, aka black-eyed, zipper, cream, crowder, field peas.

Plan Peony Plantings to Put Off Disappointment
Grow variety to avoid disappointment.

You Can Grow That! May 2014

Click on the links to see what's touching these Garden Bloggers' hearts in May.

Click on the links to see what’s touching these Garden Bloggers’ hearts in May.

A Diverse, Natural, Beautiful Lawn? You Can Grow That!
A chaotic, beautiful, low-maintenance lawn. YCGT!

A Touch of the Tropics? You Can Grow That!
Here in Texas, it’s finally warm enough to think tropical — and for me, that means shrimp plants! Old-fashioned yet exotic, shrimp plants of all sorts thrive in our humid zone 9A gardens.

A Tower of Flowers? You Can Grow That!
Cute stacks of annuals add color and structure to your porch.

Basil Bonsai – You Can Grow That!
Gardening Jones looks at an unusual but flavorful plant combination.

Color That Pops: You Can Grow That!
Wondering what flowering annuals to plant this summer? Leaning toward pastel colors? We have to talk.

Enough Peas to Preserve:  You Can Grow That
Wouldn’t it be grand to have enough garden-fresh peas to last all year?

Exuberance: You Can Grow That!
What I learned on the Houston Heights Home and Garden Tour: More Joy

Foolproof Cucumber Seedlings: You Can Grow That!
You have plenty of time to do this method of starting cucumbers…it’s easy, and I dare say it’s fun!

How to Grow Rhubarb
Rhubarb comes in red, pink and green varieties. The red variety is highest in vitamin A. The redder the stalk, the sweeter it tastes.

Iris cristata: You Can Grow That!
This dwarf iris is beardless and it faces right up at you, unlike so many other woodland and native flowers that require you to peer at them from a snail’s vantage point. You Can Grow That!

Lily of the Valley: You Can Grow That!
Grown in a container by the door, Lilly of the Valley will provide a sweet fragrance that is easily carried by gentle breezes and are perfect cut flowers for bringing indoors or for sharing with a neighbor.

Planting a Butterfly Buffet: You Can Grow That!
Do you want to grow a love of gardening and nature in kids? Plant a Butterfly Buffet

Should I Repot My Houseplant?
Signs that an indoor plant is ready to be potted up to a larger container. You can grow that!

Springtime Partners: You Can Grow That!
Pretty pairings make springtime even more interesting. Here are some shady vignettes that make you even happier it’s finally May.

Try Some Native Plants: You Can Grow That!
I suggest trying some new plants this year. Here are a few you may not be growing that I grow in my yard. They are native plants and are becoming readily available in garden centers and online.

What’s New In The Garden: Instant Mix And Match Color
Announcing a soon-to-be-released way to get the maximum color into your garden for a minimal cost with Fusables®.

Wow – You Can Grow That – learning about neat stuff
While working in a new client’s garden today, I came across a very unusual plant.  I believe it is from a bulb.  The prior owner of this property was a plant enthusiast.

Zinnias: You Can Grow That!
We love zinnias. The Wonder Kids always like to have flowers to give away. Picking a handful of zinnia blooms and sharing them with friends and family always bring smiles.

You Can Grow That! April 2014


A Crocus Lawn – You Can Grow That!
You too can have an enchanting lawn filled with crocus blooms!

Curry – You Can Grow That!
When it comes to growing food, Gardening Jones doesn’t take ‘No’ for an answer.

Garden Advice Even the Experts Get Wrong
Enjoy experimenting and playing with your garden. That’s the best way to learn — and it’s fun. Even the top experts get things wrong so don’t think everyone knows more than you! Here are just some of the mistaken beliefs even the experts get wrong.

Grow an Avocado Tree From a Pit? Now What?
If you’ve grown avocado trees in water and let them languish like I have, spring is the perfect time to pot them up.

Heaths and Heathers for color when you need it most
Think heaths and heathers for sustainable joy for many years to come. Mix them up in a jumble…

Hens and Chicks – You Can Grow That!
Succulent love for April- Hens and Chicks!

Provence Lavender: You Can Grow That!
Want homegrown bunches of lavender? YCGT!

Spring Shopping List: You Can Grow That!
Soon garden center benches will be full of plants. Having worked in one I know that the employees are just as if not more excited than their customers to see the first load of plants come off the truck.

Start Your Own Seedlings
You don’t have to spend a fortune to create your own seed-starting setup. A shop light, inexpensive full-spectrum fluorescent tubes, and free planters come in under $20.

Starting Plants From Seed
One of the things I love best is to go into my seed-starting shed with a cup of coffee in the morning, or tea in the afternoon, and see what’s germinated.

You Can Grow That! March 2014

We’re planning and preparing for the growing season…

 5 Wonderful Grains for Your Home Garden
Gardening Jones looks at another way you can grow freedom from dependence on others.

Age Appropriate Gardening Activities – You Can Grow That!
First, a couple of pet peeves of mine. One: if it’s in the garden, please don’t call it a chore.

Colorful Flowers All Summer? You Can Grow That!
Take your mind off of the end of winter. Here are ten colorful flowering annuals you should know about.

Early Spring Stars of the Garden – You Can Grow That!
It did not take long to conjure up some color. Here is my post. Early Spring Stars of the Garden: You Can Grow That!

Feed The Monarchs! You Can Grow That
Can gardeners save a species from extinction? Yes. You Can Grow That.

Feed Those Birds: You Can Grow That
Feeding the birds is one of those things that can bring such joy at a time of year when Winter’s dreariness can start to get the better of you.

Getting the most from plant Tags
That little piece of plastic gives you invaluable information that will help ensure success in your garden.

How to grow Sycamore trees from seed
Have you every wondered if you can grow your own Sycamore trees from seed? If so, here’s how.

Poppies From Seed: You Can Grow That!
As much as our choices in everything from paper towel to hand sanitizers have increased over the years, there are still more that we might not even know about. For instance, there are some plants you will rarely see at your local garden center or even as a mail-order plant.

Snowbird Gardener Inspiration – Vacation to Sunny Florida
Many of the tropical plants grown at this garden inspire my gardens in Maine in the summer time. Here are a few of the plants that got my attention this year.

Sowing Snow Peas in the Fried-Chickenarium
At the end of the meal, we had full bellies and a fried chickenarium to show for our efforts.

Summer Color in Dry Places? You Can Grow That!
Yes, even in places that only get watered periodically you can have summer color. There are a number of drought-tolerant annuals, perennials and shrubs that provide colorful flowers and foliage. Here are two that do particularly well on Cape Cod.

YCGT- The joys of travel; the joy of coming home
You can grow that – the love of nature wherever you find it.