You Can Grow That! September 2013

Agastache – Late Summer’s Dusty Colors = You Can Grow That!
Scented leaves, gorgeous late-summer flowers and durable plants beloved by butterflies, bees and hummingbirds, make Agastaches a garden favorite.

Chili Peppers – you can grow that!
Love that evocative smell of roasted chilis in the fall? Why not grow some at home?

Front Porch Privacy? You Can Grow That!
Sitting on your front porch, sipping a beverage and sheltered from sun, rain, and passing traffic: heaven.

Grow a Fig Tree From a Cutting
Want a fig tree? It’s easy to grow one from a cutting.

How to Grow Gherkins
A 38 Year Old Memory? You Can Grow That!

How to kill or live with dandelions – you choice!
You can grow that, but do you want to?

Late-blooming Perennials: You Can Grow That!
Late bloomers steal the spotlight in Midwestern gardens.

Prepping and Planting The Fall Garden
Fall may be just around the corner, but now’s the time to plan and plant cool weather crops so that you can eat well during chilly days. You Can Grow a Fall Garden!

Video Wednesday: Crape Myrtles, You Can Grow That!
Crape Myrtles are a beautiful, multi-stemmed, flowering shrub that has many landscape uses. For those in the Mid-Atlantic and Southern regions of the United States, it is reliably hardy and easily available at your local independent garden center.

Who Made the Cut? “You Can Grow That”
Every year about this time I assess the success or failure of some of my annual plantings.

YCGT—a late summer bouquet
Plant your garden with fall bouquets in mind.

From all walks of life, people gather to see just what can be grown…

You Can Grow That! – August 4th 2013

Annual Ornamental Grasses: You Can Grow That! August
No-mow grasses for the summertime.

Compost Volunteers – You Can Grow That!
Volunteer plants from the compost pile – great free plants

Five Star Hibiscus – You Can Grow That!
Some plants just bring so much joy when they flower that they are irresistible! Five Star Hibiscus is one of those.

Gladiolus: You Can Grow That!
Gladiolus, summer-blooming bulbs, what could be easier?

Herbstonne Sunflower ~ You Can Grow That!
Nothing says summer like the bright yellow flowers of Rudbeckia. Here’s a look at stately sunflower for the summer garden, Herbstonne green-cone sunflower.

Mistreated Onion Plants Still Make Onions
Onions will grow for you even when you treat them poorly…

My simple but effective water feature and I have frogs!
A homemade water feature.

Outside (or over) the Box: You Can Grow That!
Sometimes you have to break out from the quotidian, unleash that pent-up creativity, throw caution to the wind.

Summer Pizza – You Can Grow That!
Get ready to pick and bake a delicious August dinner.

Use succulents as a garden building material
Whether you are building or gardening, use amazing succulents for decorative, versatile effects in the landscape. Here are some suggestions on how You Can Grow Them (or…”That”).

White Cherry Tomatoes: You Can Grow That!
Gardening Jones looks at a wonderfully sweet large cherry type tomato, that has a bit of a challenge included.

You Can Grow That – Walk a Mile With Me
This month nothing specific about plants but a share for kindred readers who garden and as a result suffer from lower back pain.

The August garden is packed with color and life: You Can Grow That!

You Can Grow That! July 4th, 2013

The You Can Grow That Bloggers Explode With Ideas for the Fourth of July!

Gomphrena ‘Fireworks’ explode with color behind an outdoor candelabra. Color, ambiance and romance? You Can Grow That.

A Green Thumb? You Can Grow That!

People think that there are people who can grow things and those who can’t, but it’s really about paying attention…

Fireworks In The Garden: You Can Grow That! July 2013
These fireworks explode with color and beauty in the garden.

Freedom From Store-Bought Herbs. You Can Grow That!
Grow your own herbs and gain freedom from store-bought

Freedom to Grow Edibles in Your Front Yard: You Can Grow That!
Can you grow food in your front yard? If you think you can’t think again.

Hug a Bee! Protect Our Pollinators.
How can we ensure independence in our food supply? We can start by protecting our pollinators.

Independence From Hum-Drum Shade Plantings
We’ve been pulled out of our ruts by Impatiens downy mildew…so it’s time to get creative in the shade.

Kniphofia Creates Ka-Boom
Ka-Boom! Happy 4th of July! Try some Kniphofia for some quiet fireworks.

Lavender ‘Provence’ may not survive here in South Yarmouth, but I took a chance!
On this 4th Of July I value the FREEDOM to plant whatever I enjoy!

Mountain Laurel – You Can Grow That!
Happy 4th of July! Here’s my post about a native evergreen shrub, mountain laurel, that has amazingly beautiful and delicate flowers that will add a pop of excitement to your garden.

Support Your Local Independent Garden Centers: You Can Grow That!
Get out and support garden INDEPENDENCE by shopping this weekend at your local, independent garden center!

Wildfire Gardening
It’s the 4th of July. It’s also fire season for dry-summer ares and places hit by drought. With the disaster in Arizona, we need to be careful everyday, and not just with fireworks. The good news is that you can grow a fire-resistant garden that is BEAUTIFUL. Here’s how: and yes, you CAN grow this!

You Can Grow That – June 4th 2013

From Flopping Peonies to Killing Peaches…What’s Growing in June

 A Cape Favorite: You Can Grow That!
These versatile plants are true performers here on Cape Cod and truly love our coastal environment.

A Knockout Rose Hedge: You Can Grow That!
I’m getting ready to plant a hedge of Sunny Knock Out® Roses in my front yard.

Astilbe: You Can Grow That!
Astilbe, a great choice for a wet, shade location in your garden.

Can You Grow A Mini-Farm in Your Backyard?
Welcome to the farm…just don’t block the neighbor’s driveway.

Color in Dry Areas? You Can Grow That!
You know that hot, dry strip along the road? Well guess what…

Four Weeks of Peonies: You Can Grow That!
“They flop!” and “They last such a short time…”

Front Porch Creativity – You Can Grow That!
Remember how it felt to be a child with a fresh paintbox? You can experience that again, and spiff up the entry to your house at the same time!

Golden Japanese Forest Grass – You Can Grow That!
The Hoosier Gardener tells us about one of her favorite plants…a graceful grass that thrives in much of the United States.

Good Gardeners Kill Peaches
Learn why…and how you can grow them.

Grafted Vegetables: easier, tastier, safer crops for the garden
Here’s some information about some of the exciting grafted tomatoes that are finally coming to market for the home gardener here in the U.S. I say “finally” because they’ve been selling grafted vegetables for a half dozen years in Europe!

Peonies: You Can Grow That!
The reason I say “you can grow that” is that these are the least troublesome plants in the world.

Strawberries: You Can Grow That! June Edition
It’s an oft written about topic, but I was picking my berries this morning, so….

Time for Thyme: You Can Grow That!
Think out of the herb garden, plant thyme as a groundcover, a border, in containers.

Vegetables From Scraps
Gardening Jones checks out the reality of regrowing vegetables from kitchen scraps.

Want to “Pull A Curtain” on a View?
You can grow that, with the right tree!

You Can Grow That! May 4 2013

May Is A Month That is Filled With Growing Possibilities…

A New Perspective and A New Tree
It is a wonderful thing when it is a win/win deal; and I get to work in an artful way.

Antennaria neglecta ~ You Can Grow That!
Here’s my post about field pussytoes (Antennaria neglecta) a little-known native perennial that can be used as a lawn alternative in sunny, dry locations and is a larval host plant for American Lady butterflies.

Coral Bells (Heuchera) You Can Grow That!
Have a bare spot in the shade that needs a pop of color year round? Heuchera! You can grow that!!!

Dahlias: You Can Grow That!
I may be wrong, but I honestly think the hardest part of growing dahlias is picking which stunning varieties you want to grow out of the hundreds available.

Don’s pick — tomatoes!
I was asked, “if you could plant just five tomatoes, which would they be?” What is this, purgatory?!?

Fragrant Viburnums – You Can Grow That!
A fragrant spring? You can grow that!

Fruit Trees in Small Gardens – You Can Grow That!
Whether your garden is small or large, simple pruning and staking will help you get more fruit in the space you have.

Gratitude: You Can Grow That!
As I walk around my early-May landscape it’s a lesson in gratitude.

Great Combos: You Can Grow That!
Great Plant Pairings for early summer.

Going Nuts at the Villas…Cobnuts, to be precise
We are going nuts at SowandSo…

Landscape Vegetables – You Can Grow That!
Vegetable gardens are no longer just rectangular beds that are hidden away behind the house…

Lungwort: You Can Grow That!
Lungwort (Pulmonaria) is a terrific plant for shade, but it can also take a good deal of sun. It awakens in early spring and has a long-lasting bloom.

Papaloquelite–You Can Grow That!
Try papaloquelite, an annual that adds cilantro-like flavor to summer foods.

Pizza – You Can Grow That
Start gardening by growing something everybody loves.

You Can Grow Maple Trees
Against the odds, we grew a maple tree from seed and you can, too.

“You Can Grow That” The Annual Annual Addiction
If you are anything like me, spring is a real seek and find adventure for rarely do I find all the right plants in the right combination of color, texture and habit at one nursery.

You Can Grow That! April 2013

There is nothing like spring to make us feel like GROWTH is possible!

Alphabet Garden – You Can Grow That!
How can we grow the nest generation of garden gurus? Get them started early by planning and planting an Alphabet Garden with the kids

A Sunny Day? You Can Grow That!
When you grow sunflowers you’ll always walk on the sunny side. We tell you how to grow sunflowers from seed.

Amaryllis ‘Pavlova’: You Can Grow That!
Why not grow Amaryllis in the spring?

An Espalier Avalon Pride Peach Tree? You Can Grow That!
Grow your own lovely peach tree in an espalier style! Bridget will tell you how to do this.

Bloodroot – You Can Grow That!
Don’t let the common name put you off…this is a plant to treasure!

Can I Grow Vegetables In The Shade?
Even without a lot of sun you can grow edibles in your garden!

Catmint: You Can Grow That! April 2013
You Can Grow That! Catmint (Nepeta) is a great perennial for gardeners everywhere…easy care, fragrant and very tough. The Chicago Botanic Garden’s plant evaluation program rated these the best.

Cold Weather Veggies – You Can Grow That!
Many gardeners think they need to wait until the weather is warm to start gardening. Gardening Jones shows us a number of veggies that actually prefer the cold temperatures.

Early Spring Color – Winterhazel
A delightful early-flowering shrub “feeds” this gardener’s hunger for spring!

Getting Real: You Can Grow That!
You are what you eat, so don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake.

If I Were Planting  A Vegetable Garden…
Tips for first time veggie gardeners from a pro.

Larkspur – You Can Grow That!
Spreading the joy of self-seeding larkspur this month

Raspberries in Containers: You Can Grow That!
I’m growing raspberries in a container this year–the new ‘Raspberry Shortcake’ variety from BrazelBerries. Seemed like a good choice for YCGT!

 Romantic Redbuds
Redbud trees are in bloom now which means this is a great time to pick your favorite!

Seed to Salad in 10 Days – You Can Grow That!
Micro greens go from seed to salad in 10 days.

Sweet Alyssum: You Can Grow That!
Sweet Alyssum is named for its light fragrance, though you may not ever notice it if you plant it in your garden borders as it is a fairly short — sometimes trailing — annual.

Walla Walla Onions: You Can Grow That!
Start onions from seed now.

You Can Grow That – or maybe not?
Nature provides us with many interesting vagaries and we mortals can only stand back and marvel at her whims.

You Can Grow That! 3 More Native Groundcovers for Dry Shade

Finding plants that will thrive in dry shade can be challenging. Here’s a look at three native ground covers that are up for the challenge.

There is nothing like spring to get us out of our ruts. Growth is possible!

You Can Grow That! March 2013

In some parts of the world gardeners are solidly into SPRING. In others, not so much…

A Seasonal Container…You Can Grow That!
Tips on how to take your containers through the seasons.

Baptisia australis – You Can Grow That!
With Spring on my mind, I decided to write about a spring-flowering native perennial that’s at home in formal gardens, cottage gardens and everything in between.

Flower and Garden Shows: a magical world of color, creativity and knowledge
If you really love gardening, there is noting more fun than learning how ‘you can grow that’ at your local flower and garden show.

Forward Motion, Discovery, & Germination
In the garden and in life, the choice to do more is a choice.

Looking at Planting Combos From a New Perspective
Combining clematis and evergreens.

Perfect Peas – You Can Grow That!
It may be March, but it’s time to get busy in the garden–and it’s time to plant your peas! Don’t be afraid…these are nothing like the nasty canned peas our parents forced us to eat.

Seasonings – You Can Grow That!
Sure, all gardeners know they can grow herbs to season their food. Gardening Jones shows us a few more edibles that can replace those store bought jars on your spice shelf.

Seeds Started!
…opening the first big bag of dark organic seed starting mix: The warm earthy fragrance was heavenly.

Sweet Pea – Lathyrus odoratus – You Can Grow That!
The nostalgic sweet pea is having a comeback. 2013 is Sweet Pea year!

Swiss Chard: You Can Grow That!
Swiss chard is rich in vitamins and minerals and very versatile. You can use it in salads, stir fries, or the same ways you’d use any other greens.

Winter Aconite: You Can Grow That!
Winter Aconite — a bright, little bulb on dreary winter days.

You Can Grow That – Locally
Maybe you aren’t planting anything yet where you are, but it is time to think about where you’ll be getting your seeds and plants- consider a local business?

You Can Grow That Lettuce Anywhere!
Goodness, I need to be home at the end of March to prepare and plant the garden. But right now, given the circumstance, starting a flat of lettuce seeds was all I could manage… because it was easy!

You Can Grow That! March 2013: Geraniums Hoosier Gardener
The lowly geranium gets no respect despite its workhorse performance in the summer garden.

Can You Grow Love?

In advance of Valentine’s Day our garden bloggers explore the varied ways you might cultivate love and romance.

An Intimacy With Flora – You Can Grow That!
In February, vow to cultivate an intimacy with Flora.

A Secret Garden For a Loved One – You Can Grow That!
Everyone who has lost a loved one can find solace in creating a special place in your garden for them.

For the Love of a Red Rose
Many folks will be givers or receivers of red roses this month honoring Valentine’s Day, but I’d rather be a grower! One can never have too many red roses in the garden; For me, they’re as essential as my Felco pruners & old galvanized watering can.

Have You Lost That Loving Feeling?
Are you “working” on your garden? Try thinking of your garden as a playground.

Let Your Garden Love You Back for Valentine’s Day
Are you and your garden Valentines? Yup, you can share the love even in the winter!

Lilacs and Redbuds: You Can Grow That!
Lilacs and redbuds both fit in a low-water landscape. They have spectacular blooms, and are carefree.

Love Color? You Can Grow That!
Depending on where you live, spring is either arriving or just around the corner. Your landscape is about to be the setting for a joyous, seasonal party: how will you decorate for the festival?

Love For Real Food: You Can Grow That!
Involve your children in growing and preparing their own food; they may grow up to love it!

Love Spring? You Can Grow That!
It doesn’t matter whether you choose to save your pre-spring “pick me up plants” or toss them into the compost. If you’re tired of the dormant season give yourself a Valentine this year: if you love spring, you can grow that!

Love-in-the-Mist: You Can Grow That!
Just like a great romance, love-in-the-mist (Nigella damascena) ages well. Not only are the flowers beautiful, the seed heads have a magic all their own.

Love? You Can Grow That!
Gardening Jones gives away her heart and garden to the new love of her life.

Love? You Can Grow That! (In a Puff)
Love-in-a-puff! As we all know, volunteering, especially for the well-being of children, is the very best way to grow love.

Magical Surprises: You Can Grow That!
Isn’t it romantic to surprise yourself? You Can Do That!

Memories of Love and Trees
Trees and love stories; how interwoven they are. This valentine season, share your tree love story with us.

Never Out of Fashion – You Can Grow That
More than any other flower the rose have long been a source of fascination and inspiration for cultures around the world.

Seductive Strawberries
Growing the world’s most romantic fruit is simple–and baking a Valentine’s Day surprise for your honey is easy, too

The Heart Healthy Garden
What are the top five fruits and vegetables with the most soluble fiber that should be a part of a heart-healthy backyard garden? Master Gardener Fred Hoffman tackles a topic that is very close to his heart.

Wisteria: You Can Grow That!  A Love/Hate Relationship
Native and Invasive Wisterias. A relationship? It’s complicated.

You Can Grow That: Apples!
Plant an apple tree and fall in love. Time to start planning the place where your trees will go.

You Can Grow That: Beet Greens
I decided to be contrarian, and write about a plant that I should love, but don’t…

You Can Grow That!
Close your eyes and think of something that takes you to a special time or place when you felt Love.

Robert Indiana’s sculpture at the Indianapolis Museum of Art…where they also have beautiful gardens. Coincidence? You decide.

You Can Grow That! January 2013

Dormant or Snow, You Can Still Grow


5 easy ways to enrich your life gardening
Whether you have a yard, a patio, a balcony or just a pot, some soil and a sunny window, here are five ways you can help fill your weeks this year with fun, easy and enriching gardening projects.

(Almost) Weed-Free: You Can Grow That!
Get ahead of the weeds by plotting their demise before they emerge! You can grow an (almost)weed-free garden!

Bottle Tree: You Can Grow That!
How about growing something inanimate this winter?

Burle Marx Peacock Plant: You Can Grow That!
“A Houseplant that even I can grow!”

Cold Remedies – You Can Grow That!
Gardening Jones shows us how what we grow in our gardens can help prevent colds, or at least ease the symptoms.

Fruit Trees and Other Edible Plants – You Can Grow That
Plantings you can eat. Why not?

Get Growing With Seeds – You Can Grow That!
Get growing with seeds; start with quick-growing micro greens.

Growing Potatoes – in containers YOU CAN GROW THAT!
Step by step how to grow Potatoes in Containers.

Let’s Grow Clean Indoor Air!
Let’s grow fresh air! Top 14 plants to filter your inside air.

Native Groundcovers For Shade – You Can Grow That!
This month, my post is about three native groundcovers that are perfect for growing in shady spots in your garden.

New Year’s Resolution: You Can Grow That!
Some gardeners hear horror stories of high-maintenance brassicas, but you can easily grow cauliflower with a few tricks: You Can Grow That! (Plus, a recipe.)

Shady Roses Now Appearing at Nurseries
Looking for rose varieties that bloom in yards with partial sun? Try these shady characters!

Stephanotis Floribunda
In between the kitschy tiny houses and pink plastic trees  we found it: plants I haven’t seen in a long time, Stephanotis floribunda.

Winter Containers: You Can Grow That!
Add some winter interest to your containers using some greenery and other foliage from your garden.

Winter Entertainment: You Can Grow That!
In the winter we need all the excitement we can get, and you can grow that!

Winter Jasmine: You CAN Grow That!
It’s flowering now, bright yellow in the landscape, and you can grow this winter color.

Winter Pastime YOU CAN GROW THAT By Imagining!
Plan next year’s gardens using the Moodboard ap for iPads.

Winter Squash: You Can Grow That!
Think it’s hard to grow winter squash? Think again.

You Can Grow That! January 2013: Stachys Hummelo
Bet on betony. You Can Grow That!

You Can Grow That! December 4, 2012

Four Words on the Fourth from Garden Bloggers who know what you can grow

A Handmade Gift? Yeah, You Can Grow That
Gardening Jones gives great suggestions and instructions for making gifts from the garden.

Agastache: Enjoy it, Drink it, Love it!
Did you know that this drought tolerant perennial is not only good for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds, but can be steeped as a hot beverage?

An Oak Tree? You Can Grow That!
Gordon’s Garden presents the six steps to “Ta-da!” grow your own oak tree.

Asparagus – You Can Grow That!
Planting Asparagus in California, and all you need to know about the care and feeding of this delicious plant, is the topic of Adria’s YCGT post.

Canna Lily: You Can Grow That!
The pots of Cannas pictured in this Joene’s Garden post will make you want them too…but be sure to read her words of advice about planting.

December musings: edibles—You Can Grow That!
Don celebrates the landscape plants in his Sacramento Valley property that produce food for casual picking.

Dill: Herb. You Can Grow That!
Distinctive Dill is one of the easiest food plants you can grow!

Dreaming of Spring: You Can Grow That!
Learn how you can have a garden filled with color next spring for 75% off!

Expressing Oneself Through Song
This gardener explores how she is growing herself.

Five Reasons to Grow Fabulous Amaryllis
The photos alone on this Tiny Tim’s Garden post will persuade you to grow this beautiful bulb.

John’s Find White Pine: You Can Grow That!
Debbie says she has a “fetish for dwarf conifers” and that’s lucky for us as she introduces readers to a great one.

Making Wine Out of Beetroot at The Villas…
Did you know you can make wine out of the beets you grow in your garden? Wine: You Can Grow That!

Microclimate: You Can Grow That!
This mid-western gardener explains how growing conditions can vary from one part of your property to another.

New Eyes – You Can Grow That!
How winter calls us to view our landscapes and lives more flexibly.

Persimmon: THE Edible Fruit for Autumn
Farmer Fred’s rant on this lovely tree.

Poinsettias: You Can Grow That!
Kathy Jentz writes about choosing, keeping and the latest trends with this most colorful of holiday plants.

Strong Root Systems – You Can Grow That!
Four simple things you can do to insure that your trees have strong roots…and if you’re thinking fertilizer, think again!

Vitex- You Can Grow That!
Read about the “nuts and bolts” of this plant that is a funny, adaptable, late-season bloomer.

You Can Grow That! December 2012:Diantus
Dianthus has great scents! Jo Ellen writes about this perennial that’s fragrant, evergreen, and withstands snow dumped on the foliage.

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