Time to plant! Garden bloggers urge you on.


A Perennial Pepper Plant
Can a pepper plant be a perennial in northern climates? Heck yeah, you can grow that!

Easy to Grow Native Zinnia
Having grown up in the Sonoran Desert, to me “zinnia” means Zinnia acerosa, a low growing native shrubby perennial. It deserves ample space in every wildlife garden.

How to Grow Edamame
Have you ever grown edamame? It’s easy.

Kalanchoe is (Nearly) Indestructible
I’ve never abused a houseplant as thoroughly as I have this one, and still it thrives.

Strawberries: You Can Grow That!
Sweet. Luscious. Juicy. No wonder this fruit is blushing! Strawberries are one of the most loved edibles.

Three popular garden plants are back
After falling out of favor, three plants are returning to popularity and they’re better than ever.

What Are You Looking For?
A meme for May.

You Can Grow That: Again
Because failure is always happening in my garden. Thankfully, I get to try again. Often.

You Can Grow That: Lettuce
Lettuce is one of the easiest plants to grow in the spring.


Peppers as perennials

This young pepper plant is destined to be a perennial despite living in a less than ideal climate. photo courtesy of Jeanne Kunz Hugenbruch

Garden Bloggers Encourage You to Garden


A Patch of Sundrops
Sundrops are a bi-colored, fast-spreading ground cover that pushes up a wave of yellow blossoms in late spring and early summer.

Asparagus: You Can Grow That!
Nothing says, “SPRING!” like fresh Asparagus. With no real work on my part…

Colors For The Evening Garden
Do you have (or want) a fire pit? If so, you’ll want some Fire Pit Plantings. Color for the evening garden: You Can Grow That!

How to Grow Celery – You Can Grow That
Have you had success growing celery in your garden?

Veggie Conversation Starters – You Can Grow That!
Grow vegetables in a variety of colors and shapes, and people are bound to talk.

Why water wise gardens need plants
When you design or redesign your garden into a water wise landscape, this is important.

You Can Grow Queen’s Tears Easily – Without Shedding Tears
A plant that grows on plants? Why wouldn’t you grow that?

You Can Grow That: Lemon Balm
Lemon balm is a beautiful green “landscape edible,” and is also as a pollinator plant.



Asparagus emerges in early spring and can provide a harvest well into summer photo courtesy of Kathy Jentz

Marching Into Spring With Garden Bloggers’ YCGT Posts


A Colorful Cutting Garden
Growing a cutting garden is easier than you think…

Drainage in Drought-Prone Areas
You can deal with rain or dry and still grow what you want. Just make sure you build good drainage into your garden — especially if you live in a drought-prone area.

Hairy Balls and Pollinators: You Can Grow That!
Last summer I grew hairy balls in my garden…and the bees loved it.

How To Grow Strawberries
Yes, you can grow strawberries!

Kale: You Can Grow That!
Kale is “king” according to nutritionist and trendy chefs alike. This frilly cabbage cousin is packed full of nutrients and antioxidants.

Strawberries From Seed: You Can Grow That!
Growing strawberries from seed is a fun and inexpensive way to fill your garden bed.

You Can Grow Luscious Lavender
This just in – Something my USDA Zone 8, 9, and 10 readers can plant this weekend!

You Can Grow That: Spinach!
Spinach has to be one of the easiest greens to start from seed.

Garden Bloggers Know What YOU Can Grow! February 2016

Wondering what you can grow this season? 

Herbs, vegetables, flowers and more...You Can Grow That!

Herbs, vegetables, flowers and more…You Can Grow That!

A Bat Garden – You Can Grow That!
One of my dearest friends has a daughter who has fallen in love with bats…

Arugula: You Can Grow That!
Joelle, our Fall 2015 intern, shows how easy and rewarding it is to grow Arugula.

Change? You Can Grow That!
In my gardens and in my blog, I’m at the stage where I’m tweaking, making changes and correcting mistakes. And there are ALWAYS mistakes.

Chervil: You Can Grow That!
Chervil is ephemeral grace. Its finely cut, green leaves emerge during cool spring months, dissipating quickly with summer’s heat.

Growing Heirloom Tomatoes in a Shady Garden
Do you crave bruschetta but think you can’t grow your own tomatoes in your shady garden? While sun is always better for tomatoes, you can grow them in shady conditions. I do.

Growing The New Climate Garden
Make the weather changes work for you and your garden. This is a great opportunity to reinvent your landscape.

How to Grow Celtuce
A slow to bolt lettuce that resembles celery. Celtuce – You Can Grow That!

How to Grow Fennel
Do you grow fennel in your garden?

You Can Grow Roses in The Southwest
Happy 4th of the month! Time for a new post on things you can grow in the Southwest.

Excited About Gardening in January of 2016


Avoiding Squash Vine Borers
Squash without the worry of squash vine borers? You can grow that!

Horseradish Sauce! (Relish?)

Horseradish from your own garden to use in sauces and marinades.

How to Keep Carrot Harvest
Garden produce in the dead of winter? You can grow that!

You Can Grow it Better – with a Garden Journal
Take better care of your own small corner of the Universe.

You Can Grow That: Milkweed!
According to Boy Wonder #2, we’ve got to “up our game” this year for the Monarchs.

You Can Grow That: Parsley
Add beauty to your garden and flavor to your cooking.

What to do with holiday plants
Got plant left-overs from the holiday? Make ’em last. Here’s how.


Fairy Duster

You probably won’t see a fairy duster in bloom in the US in January, but there’s plenty to get excited about in gardening. photo courtesy of Jacqueline Soule

In December, Grow Your Passion for Gardening

Basil Forever!
Whatever your climate, a single basil plant can season your meals forever.

Heuchera or Alum Root – You Can Grow That!
With unique textures, variegation, veining, and colors, Heuchera is a multitasking, yet quiet presence in the garden.

How to Grow Claytonia
Claytonia is the perfect cold hardy salad green.

Too Much Sun? Too Much Rain? What’s a Southern California Garden to Do?
You can still grow a great garden in Southern California despite the “new climate.”

You Can Grow Living Christmas Trees In Your Yard
Don’t kill a tree for Christmas; buy a live one and add it to your landscape after the holiday.

Fog Frozen on a Meadow

Late autumn frost brings a meadow’s skeleton into bloom. You can grow that with some help from the elements.

So Many Things You Can Grow! November 2015


Autumn Appreciation? You Can Grow That!
Want to rejoice every autumn as we move into winter?

Berries are the Best

Why you should have space somewhere in your garden to grow berries….

Easy to Grow Calendula
Calendula is more than just a pretty face, and you can grow that.

How to Grow Arugula
Arugula is a delicious and easy to grow cool season salad green.

Whirling Butterflies….You Can Grow That
Butterflies dancing in the breeze, as if they are whirling: It must be Gaura.

You Can Grow That: The Monarch Butterfly Version
Monarchs! If we can grow them, so can you. Trust me. I’ve never done this before and a few of them still managed to get to Mexico.



You can grow stuff that you might harvest in November. Perhaps quince, a fruit rather forgotten in the United States.

Grow a Garden; You can do that. October 2015

A Positive Attitude – You Can Grow That!

Can gardening help you cultivate a better way of looking at life?

Ficus Benjamina Finds a Good Home-You Can Grow That!

“I hope the ficus doesn’t make a mess of my car,” said Danny. “You brought plastic, right?”

How to Grow Rosemary

I can’t walk by my rosemary without “petting it” to release its wonderful scent.

Will El Niño save California gardens?

With water-wise gardening you can grow a gorgeous garden despite the changeable climate.

You Can Grow That: Mrs. Burns Lemon Basil

Yes, there really was a Mrs. Burns who introduced the plant in 1939 in New Mexico.

Hot and decorative peppers ready for harvest in early October.

Hot and decorative peppers ready for harvest in early October.

Inspired to Garden in September, 2015

Backyards beat climate extremes with outdoor rooms
Design outdoor living to make your yard a haven for you, your family, friends — and favorite plants

Papalo, Cilantro, & Lime
Papalo is seriously intense and surprisingly easy to grow.

Unusual Annual, Edible and Ornamental
Tall, beautiful and edible…next year this is going in the flower garden!

You Can Grow Cilantro – Right Now!
Cilantro is amazingly easy to grow in cool weather—spring and fall up north, and winter in the south.

You Can Grow That: In a Pot, In a Block, In a Raised Bed
You can grow that anywhere, and change it up along the way.

You Can Grow That! Tuscan Melons
These were not just any cantaloupes; these were Tuscan ‘Napoli’ melons from Renee’s Garden Seeds.


Chestnut in tree

Chestnut trees come into their own in September. Want something to roast on an open fire? You can grow that!

Garden Bloggers Know What YOU Can Grow – August 2015

A Guide to Houseplants Infographic-You Can Grow That!
An Infographic reveals myriad ways houseplants make our lives better.

A Science Experiment – You Can Grow That!
Just like me, a tomato will be a heavy feeder if you let it, but are we all better off being lean and mean?

Cat Grasses and Other Kitty Treats: You Can Grow That!
These combinations of rye, oats, barley, and wheat are very appealing to cats, especially when you fertilize them with a shot of fish emulsion.

Color Your Garden With Drought-tolerant Succulents
Want an easy-care, water-wise, artistic and colorful landscape? Try succulents. These plants are like plasticine in the garden; you can fashion them into what ever you want!

Healthy Weight Loss? You Can Grow That! 
Your vegetable garden contains the most delicious diet on earth.

How to Grow Cucamelons
So perfectly adorable, some may think they aren’t real.

Mid-summer Blue! The power horse Ageratum ‘Blue Horizon’
Examples of Blue Horizon in the landscape.

Orange Cosmos: You Can Grow That!
And old-fashioned reliable plant that is the backbone of my cottage garden.

Tuberose… You Can Grow That!
Enticing, Delightful Polianthes tuberosa….A scent to love……

You Can Grow Low-Water Jojoba
Which of these—goat nut, deer nut, pignut, wild hazel, quinine nut, coffeeberry, or gray box bush—has dense foliage, is drought tolerant, and requires little maintenance? Trick question, they’re all the same plant: Jojoba!

From Cat Grass to Weight Loss, Garden Bloggers KNOW What YOU Can GROW!

From Cat Grass to Weight Loss, Garden Bloggers KNOW What YOU Can GROW!

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